About Us

We are manufacturers of solariums for vegetables and flowers since 2000, our models of solariums we product are adapted to modern requirements , the form and sizes, the height are executated according to requiremens of production, and them are adapted for vegetables and flowers, shrubs like goji, blueberry , and even grape or strawberries .

We are manufacturers in continuous evolution, and we give our best all the time to offer high quality services.For almost 20 years, we test our solariums in Romania, and in this time we perfected and adapted at climatic conditions in our country.

Some people say :to succed you need lucky. We say INOVATION and RESPONSABILITY.
At our turn we make production of vegetables and we have 20 years of experience in this domain, our beginners clients benefit for free consulting in productions of vegetables starting from production of seedlings and preparation of the land etc.

The price is affordable for Romania.As a directly producer we guarantee competitive prices and quality materials delivered on time for the gardeners from our country and foreign at different sizes and criteriums asked by the client.
”produce yourself the food” don,t let your garden to not produce anything in time that you eat vegetables trated with dangerous substances , maybe cheaper but with a clock bomb for human body.

Come join us purchasing solariums, for productions in commercial purposes or just family, producing vegetables in helping you neighbors , you can make your own bussines and make profit , for the ones who want to start a bussines in vegetable growing ,or with flowers,bushes, and other plants(for example:lavender, goji,currant etc.), we offer an 9 m width solarium, 40 m length and 3,7 high included foil and irrigation at an  unic price in Romania 1650 euro.
We build animal shelters , any kind of deposits , garages for tractors , canopies for bales of hay, at an affordable price.
Any of the products manufactured by us, are serving our clients requirements. We demand the quality of our products so our clients to be happy.

Conclusions: QUALITY, EFICIENCE, RELIABILITY of these sistems of plants protection are:

  • Perfect tehnology adapted to the climate from Romania.
  • Favorable eficience in exploatation.
  • Plastic foil and performant irrigation system
  • Unpermanent constructions, without concrete fondations, posibility of easy moving
  • Competitive costs of purchase
  • Easy instalation, possibe just with screws