Greenhouse for vegetables or flowers

Features, advantages and prices

The greenhuses are produced by us, according to customers needs, are perfectly adapted to clime conditions from Romania with strong wind or snow, they have, an optim eficience in exploatation , are easy to install, attaching elements is possible with bolts, screws, and does not require welds or fondation , are not permanent constructions with the posibility of easy moving.

The achizition prices are small, and affordable price for romanian producer, you can buy for comercial production or family production.

The price for minimum 300 m2 solarius fully equipped costs 5 euro/m2, for example, one 9m width solarium and 40 length, costs 1800 euro.

Contains metal structure , from 5cm diametres pipe, bar suport plants at each pole, bar connection solarium longitudinal for 3 rows, double doors front and back, ventilation front and back, lateral ventilation , lateral sliding roof panel tipe 2/2 m with adjustable rod, protection from the wind at both ends, pilling for fixing at the ground with welding pawl, triple stratified foil with 5 years lifetime,screws for catching.

We have a GIFT  for every delivered greenhouse no matter what size , consist in irigation system by dripping and taps at every row of plants.

The tunel tipe greenhouse , it has the lowest price of acquisition , 4,50 euro/m2. or the one with right sides, like in photos, 5 euro/m2.

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