Hobby greenhouses

Features, advantages and prices

Hobby greenhouses are for family production for those who want for their family bio and healthy vegetables product by them, or flowers.

We produce any size, acording to customer needs, from 3 m ...until 10 m width, different lengts.

The price for hobby greenhouses until 100 m2 is 11 euro m2 for example , 3 m width greenhouse and 10 m lenght cost 330euro, fully equipped, the structure of metal, triple stratified foil, and bonus irigation system with taps, 4 m width solarium and 10 m length 440 euro, fully equipped. And greenhouses until 200 m2 are 9 euro. m2, and until 300 m2 is 6,74 euro  m2.

The priced for the cheapest greenhouse of 3/4 is 140 euro.

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